Where the Wild Things Roam

Edge of Darkness Part 1

After arriving at hive Sibilius on Scintila, the group is reqested to meet with Interrogator Sand.

1. Group finds out what meeting is all about, TECH HERESY!!!

2. Meet and Greet with one deceased Saul Arbest

3. Head downhive

4. Arrival at Coscarla Division

5. Meet and Greet with local ‘Enforcers’

6. Meet and Greet in tent row with merchants and local thugs. (no combat)

7. Drink at the Workers Union

8. Meet and Greet with Lili Arbest

9. Tea and Cake with the local enforcers and Warden Lorcan. (Dont want to name names but one of the Arbites blows all sense of cover. And by blowing cover… I don’t mean like an accidental spark to promethium fumes… I mean packing a barrel full of C4, Gasoline, Napalm, and Radioactive waste and setting it off.)

10. Meet and Greet with Brother fatty McDrunkelstein and Evard Zed at Templum.

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