Where the Wild Things Roam

Edge of Darkness Part 2

1. The group leaves the Templum to visit the Alms House

2. They find the body of a partially eaten corpse in one of the Habs. Shoot a rat that had been eating on it.

3. Find the Alms House locked up and nobody appears to be answering the door.

4. Head back towars the Coscarla Square.

5. Yor’el Syn Nearly gets ambushed by some strange creatures, Vomits uncontrollably, Gets punched in the head… hard.

6. Take samples from creatures. Leave corpses in the road. Drag one down to talk to the enforcers… Apparently the Enforcers aren’t answering their door either… Strange.

7. Head to the Hovel of Saul Arbest to hole up for the night.

Break for the Night



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