Where the Wild Things Roam

Mutha Fucka's got boils

Damn, you need to see a doctor

The gang rolled up to boss-man Sans and were like “What’s the word on heresy holmes” and he is like “Adepts, it’s time to roll. We got heresy on the Arbitrator’s home world Scintila, find it, route it out, let the emperor’s light shine through the stickiest of the ickiest.”

So we rolled on 24’s powered by the emperors strength.

We were looking for some Idol, a wack, slap-back, spacked and Jacked shit that will mess you up, Xenos style. we had a lead, some trick-ass mark named Prim Vanktersworn, a pusher to the squarest degree.

We hit is pad, 4 deep, weapons ready to lay a heretic flat. Found a lot of boosted shit, some wires. Then we found the sucka dead with the worst case of crabs we had ever seen.

Torched the Xenos crab babies like some pricey Obscura on pay day. Then we gutted the big ones. we got a lead, some cracka with boils and a hood, and some fool Goplen who is now numbero uno on our “bout to beat like a baby’s mama” list because there was 10 Keys missing from the stash we found.. and we found about 15 golden C-notes also. We Rolled.

Had to flip some fools, then found Goplen face down in a small courtyard with some low level gangbangers. One was made into a reason for his hommeys to pour out some Amasec, another became new wall paper for his hab. We found a note that said something about a mid-level pusher named Kensington waiting for his shit. Oh, hes about to get some shit alright, shit brought down from the heavens in His name. We Rolled.

Showed up at Kensington’s pad, fool was having a party that was certainly not balla. we rolled up, took his bitch, and told him have a nice day with the arbitrator’s flame. We called in an extermination on his place, to get rid of that fucked up xenos party. one more reason to stay in His blessings: crazy ass white people playing some FUCKED UP beats.

So now we are talkin to the bitch, trying to find out where her little ho friend with the boiled mutha fucka went



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