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  • Edge of Darkness Part 1

    After arriving at hive Sibilius on Scintila, the group is reqested to meet with [[:35369 | Interrogator Sand]]. 1. Group finds out what meeting is all about, TECH HERESY!!! 2. Meet and Greet with one deceased [[:35373 | Saul Arbest]] 3. Head …

  • Groups

    Notable groups in the Underhive. [[Arbites | Adeptus Arbites]] [[Adeptus Astartes]] [[Gangs]] [[Guilders]] [[Slavers]] [[Uphivers]] [[Downhivers]] [[Bounty Hunters]] [[Other Organizations]]

  • The Edge of Darkness

    This is the free downloadable adventure provided by Fantasy Flight Games.

    The adventure begins with the summoning of the Acolytes to service for the first time as operatives of the Inquisition, and their briefing into the mysterious circumstances …

  • Edge of Darkness Note

    Report to the Administratum Quarter 2 of Hive Sibellus on Scintilla. In the northern most section of the quarter you will find a statue of a weeping saint. Locate and use the unmarked service elevator located nearby. -The Emperor …

  • Coscarla Division

    *Desolation and Urban Decay:* The Sights and Sounds of Coscarla p. Coscarla has the feel of a buried and abandoned city, shrouded in darkness beneath a steel sky. It is a cold and empty place, where whole tenements and hab-stacks are blacked by fire, …

  • Saul Arbest

    In life Arbest was a man on the slide, laid-off from his indenture, without work and without a future, he drank too much, used his mouth too freely and paid a very heavy price.

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